Eddie is the name I go by.
I am an INTJ
I am 26.
I like: Kittens, homestuck, Doctor Who, Vriska, No Game No Life, Shiro & Sora reading, writing.

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On my phone listening to Danny elfman osts and trying to sleep but I’m too excited. I literary get to be a teacher for the day today.

Oh man it’s so great. I am gonna have so much fun. Ahhhh

you could probably swap Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul with Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki and no one would notice a change.

Yes, there are a scant few people out there who have appointed themselves an unofficial feminist police force, patrolling Twitter and Op-Ed columns and jumping at every opportunity to point out how others are Doing Feminism Wrong. But these people are a tiny fraction of a multifaceted, increasingly inclusive movement. To make them the face of feminism is not only counterproductive but also disingenuous.

Let's Clear Up Some Lies You've Been Told About Vaginas

A really good article about anti-vagina shaming. 

This just in. Owl City fans have no taste in music AND don’t know how to screenshot.

(Source: owlcitytweets)